is a consulting company founded in 2006, with main focus in the Motorsport industry.


By the years experience and references has grown into Aerospace, Wind Power and OEM car and motorbike industry. Main driver is Best in Class mentality suitable within high competitive environments.


Main company activities is R&D, Technical support, Crisis management, KPI, Coaching, strategy/tactics, Winning TEAM building, Best in class Leadership development.


Company philosophy is:


You do not become World Champion at your best day. You become the World Champ at your worst day.





Intrax Racing


High-end suspension technology for Formule 1 cars, street cars and everything in between. Over 30 years experience at the highest level.


Quality made in Holland.



Inovative Composite consultancy and production.


Known for the De-Tris Carbon fibre Motocross rims.

Ole Buhl Racing


Ole Buhl Racing Ltd. is a world leader in the supply of motorsport electronics. Specialising in engine and power management systems.

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