has a strong knowledge foundation mainly in the following areas:


· Teambuilding


· Organization


· Changes Management


· Track-side support


· Engine management


· Data logging


· Project management and Controlling


· CAD, CAE, FEM, mathematical modeling.


· Mechanical construction


· Technical documentation


· Material technology


· Programming


· Process optimization


· Dynamic functions


· Composite construction


· Processes Optimizations


· Production flow Optimizations


· Organizational Optimizations


· TEAM building / Coaching


· Enterprise Recourse Planning


· Strategy development

Intrax Racing


High-end suspension technology for Formule 1 cars, street cars and everything in between. Over 30 years experience at the highest level.


Quality made in Holland.



Inovative Composite consultancy and production.


Known for the De-Tris Carbon fibre Motocross rims.

Ole Buhl Racing


Ole Buhl Racing Ltd. is a world leader in the supply of motorsport electronics. Specialising in engine and power management systems.

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